UFCW 555 Strike Reunion and BBQ

Were you part of the strike in 1994?  Can you believe it’s been 20 years? UFCW 555 is hosting a BBQ. Come celebrate and say hello to people who became like family during the 1994 strike this Saturday, August 16, 2014 from 11am to 2pm at the park attached to the Hollywood Fred Meyer.  The address is 3030 NE Weidler Portland OR.  See you there!


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Tuesday, August 5th is Primary Election Day in SW Washington!

Members of SW Washington, don’t forget that Tuesday, August 5th is Primary Election Day! Below are the candidates that UFCW Local 555 has endorsed in SW Washington. Make your voice heard and return your ballots by August 5th!


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UFCW President Hansen Statement on Final USDA Poultry Modernization Rule

“For more than two years, UFCW members have spoken out with a simple and compelling message: safe line speeds mean safe workers.”

“With today’s publication of an improved poultry modernization rule, it is clear that the voices of UFCW members were heard loud and clear.”

“I want to thank our coalition partners in labor, food safety, and the civil rights community for standing side by side with us throughout this process. I want to recognize the Department of Labor for raising important safety questions.  And I especially want to commend Secretary Vilsack for listening to our concerns and taking the necessary steps to fix this rule.”

“Poultry processing remains a dangerous job; a recent study showed 42 percent of workers in this industry have evidence of carpal tunnel. With this rule behind us, I look forward to working with the Department of Labor and the USDA to make our poultry plants safer and ensure more workers can have a voice on the job.”
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The Earned Sick Days Ordinance has passed in Eugene!

The Eugene City Council heard our message loud and clear. At the city council meeting on Monday, July 28th, they voted to pass an Earned Sick Days Ordinance. They will now start the process of rulemaking for the ordinance. Working people in Eugene could have first day sick pay as soon as July of 2015.

Every member of UFCW 555 gets to be proud of the fact that we spearheaded the first fully comprehensive Protected Sick Days law in Oregon. This is a great win for our union and for all workers; however our work is not finished. We will now continue the fight by passing earned sick days laws at the state level in Oregon and Washington.

unnamed“Protected Sick Leave in Eugene has passed because of UFCW Local 555 and its ABC program. There were multiple parties involved, but we were the spearhead, the driving force. The members in Eugene testified before the council on a need for this ordinance, and the community sided with them, not with the employers. I would like to thank Kevin Billman, the Director of Legislative and Community Affairs here at Local 555, for his hard work and commitment to this cause. I would also like to thank all the members of Local 555 in Eugene for their perseverance. This is a huge win for workers in Oregon, and we have nowhere to go now but forward.”

Jeff Anderson
Secretary Treasurer, UFCW Local 555

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Bargaining at Baycrest Village has reached a Settlement Agreement

The Union bargaining committee at Baycrest Village has reached a settlement. The fully recommended agreement includes wage increases, increases in employer contributions to retirement, maintains access to union representation, and continues to protect rights to be treated fairly, and respectfully by management. The vote will be held at McAuley Hall at Baycrest Village, on Thursday, July 31, at 7 AM, noon and 3 PM.


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Eugene Protected Sick Leave Update

Last night, UFCW members attended a Eugene City Council Meeting on Protected Sick Leave. Protected Sick Leave in Eugene would be a huge victory for all workers. No one should have to make the choice between taking care of themselves or a sick child with no pay, or going to work sick to make the rent. Kevin Billman testified on behalf of UFCW members in the meeting that ran till 11:00 at night. If passed, workers in Eugene would have access to up to five paid sick days a year on the first day, instead of having to wait until the third day before receiving any pay.



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Members at the Columbia Pacific Bio Refinery have ratified a new Contract

UFCW 555 members at the Columbia Pacific Bio Refinery have ratified a new three year agreement with their employer. Highlights of the settlement include wage increases, maintaining affordable health care, and new language that improves overtime calculation and ability to cash out unused PTO. This is a big win for our members who work in Clatskanie, Oregon.

bio refinery

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Non-Food Journeyperson Raises

Journeyperson members working under the Portland Area Fred Meyer Non-Foods contract were contractually supposed to get a wage increase effective June 29, 2014, and would have seen it on their paychecks this week. Fred Meyer payroll did not implement the pay increase on time, so members may not see the increase this week.

Fred Meyer has told us that any journeyperson non-food member who does not see the increase this week is supposed to see it on the paycheck they receive next week, which is to also include any applicable retro pay for last week. If you were supposed to get this increase and do not see it on the paycheck you receive next week, along with any retro pay owed, please contact your Union Representative.

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UFCW President Hansen Statement on the Supreme Court’s Decision in Harris v. Quinn

UFCWnewsJoe Hansen, International President of the UFCW, today released the following statement in response to the Supreme Court’s decision in Harris v. Quinn. “In today’sHarris v. Quinn ruling, the anti-worker Supreme Court sided with those who want to deprive employees of any ability to collectively bargain with their employers. This decision primarily affects home health care workers, but sets a terrible precedent for other Americans seeking a voice on the job.

“This is the Supreme Court’s latest attack on the foundation of our democracy. From weakening the Voting Rights Act to allowing unfettered corporate money in politics, the conservative justices are all too willing to do the bidding of anti-worker special interests. Workers and unions will respond to this latest attack as we always have—by redoubling our efforts to bring a voice on the job and fair wages and working conditions to all Americans.”

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Solidarity Rally

Are you going to be in Longview, Washington, on June 21st? The Cowlitz-Wahkiakum Central Labor Council has decided to hold a rally to educate and inform members, the public, and to build solidarity. We are all in this together, and we will help each other in times of need! Come join us for this family friendly event!


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