Fulton Provision has Ratified a New Contact

The members of Fulton Provision have ratified a new contract with their employer. Members ratified a 3 year contract that included wage increases and increased contributions to the pension fund. Congratulations to the UFCW members at Fulton Provision!


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Legislative Conference & Lobby Day

On March 18, UFCW Local 555 will be holding a Legislative Conference & Lobby Day at the Oregon State Capitol.

This year’s Legislative Conference and Lobby Day will consist of political education, speakers, hearings, attending House and Senate floor sessions, as well as some targeted lobbying of key swing votes in the Legislature on certain issues such as Protected Sick Leave. Worker advocacy is fundamental to what we do and we all must do it not just in our workplaces or with our friends, but to elected leaders as well.

If any Local 555 member is interested in attending, please contact your Union Representative, or Renae Miller at 1-800-452-8329.

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The February 16 Sick Pay Hearings were a Success

Thank you to all who represented Local 555 by attending the Paid Sick Days hearing in Salem yesterday evening.  We had over 65 people at the Oregon State Capitol wearing UFCW Gold in support of having access to paid sick time for all Oregon workers.

Several of the State Representatives and Senators who made up the joint committee thanked us for being there to support our issue, with one representative saying, “You guys sure make it easier to vote yes.”  Displays of support such as make a huge difference, and it did a lot to push us closer to our goal of getting Paid Sick Days passed for all of Oregon.

On March 18 we will be holding a Legislative Conference & Lobby Day at the Oregon State Capitol.   If any Oregon member of Local 555 is interested in attending, please contact your Union Representative, or Renae Miller at 1-800-452-8329.

Thank you all again,

Dan Clay
President, UFCW Local 555

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Protected Paid Sick Leave Day of Action

UFCW Members worked hard to pass Protected Paid Sick Leave in both Portland and Eugene. Now the fight is on to pass Protected Paid Sick Leave for everyone in Oregon, accessible the very first day you are sick.

The first public hearings are on Monday, February 16 at the Oregon State Capitol in Salem. We need to pack three meetings throughout the day with UFCW members. The joint hearing at 5pm needs the most participation, but if you are interested in being part of the first show of force at the capitol this year at any time throughout the day, please contact your Union Representative.


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Northwest Hope Foundation Scholarships

The 2015 Northwest Hope Foundation Scholarship Applications are now open!

The Northwest Hope Foundation raises money for the Scholarship Program as well as ongoing support for Leukemia research and other causes through the Annual Golf Tournament.

This year we are also re-introducing the the L Walt Derry Scholarship.

Click here for all the details.

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Membership Activities around the Jurisdiction

In the past, we have had “Member’s Night Out” where members come together with their Union Brothers and Sisters for no other reason than to do something fun.

We want to continue this, but we want to hear from you what you think would be fun to do in your area.  Anything goes!  Paintball, baseball games, bowling, you name it.  Please fill out the form below and send us your ideas.  Hope to hear from you soon!

Your Idea:
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New Polls Show Majority of Oregon Voters Support Paid Sick Days, Increasing the Minimum Wage to $15, and Other Policies that Support Working Families

Community-labor coalition Fair Shot for All pledges to mobilize Oregonians to stand up for key policies in the 2015 session and beyond

Portland, Ore. –  Fair Shot for All today released the results of two recent polls demonstrating strong support among likely voters both nationwide and in Oregon for policies that provide real opportunity for working families.

National Results:

The first poll, conducted by Lake Research Partners, found overwhelming support across age, gender and party lines among likely voters for paid sick days, equal pay for equal work and other policies that are necessary for today’s workforce to thrive.

Key findings from the national survey of 800 likely 2016 voters (fielded from January 12-14, 2015) include:

  • 88 percent of all voters, 74 percent of Republicans and 96 percent of independents support ensuring all workers earn paid sick days.
  • By more than 2:1, voters favor state-level action on work/family policies if the federal government fails to act.

“Last week, the President called in his State of the Union for all workers to earn paid sick days and family leave – and it’s clear the President has the strong support of the American electorate on these issues,” said David Mermin, partner at Lake Research Partners. “Our recent poll reveals American voters’ strong, bipartisan support for equal pay, paid sick days and other policies that support working families.”

Oregon Results:

The second poll, conducted by GBA Strategies, found clear support among Oregon voters for proposals that support working families.

Key findings from the Oregon poll (conducted by phone on December 3-8, 2014 with a statistically representative sample of 1,000 likely Oregon voters) include:

  • By a 16-point margin, a majority of Oregonians support raising the minimum wage to $15.
  • 67 percent of Oregon voters (including a majority of Republican voters and at least 65 percent of likely voters in every region of the state) support requiring all employers in Oregon to provide 7 paid sick days to their employees.
  • 79 percent of likely Oregon voters favor a voluntary retirement system for workers who do not have a pension or other employer-sponsored retirement account.

“Over the last few years, we have seen these same trends in dozens of polls and focus groups in Oregon,” said Michael Bocian, founding partner at GBA Strategies. “It’s clear that Oregonians are looking for leaders to deliver on policies that create opportunities for income growth and economic security.”

Memos summarizing the results of both polls are available for download: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/6u7t027mafi2h1z/AAAX9EX2ewA60d1u0CECJ9Eya?dl=0

A campaign to provide opportunity to every Oregonian

Earlier this month, community and labor organizations from across Oregon launched Fair Shot for All, a new coalition that is supporting solutions to create economic opportunity for Oregon’s working families.

The coalition’s priorities include:

  • Raising the minimum wage;
  • Ensuring all Oregonians earn paid sick days;
  • Ending profiling;
  • Making saving for retirement easier; and
  • Creating opportunities for people with prior convictions and arrests to find work.

“Together, we are mobilizing Oregonians in communities across the state and giving a voice to those who need a fair shot,” said Heather Conroy, Executive Director for coalition member SEIU Local 503. “We are standing up for key policies in the 2015 session, but the fight doesn’t end there—we will continue working on the ground to make sure that lawmakers hear from the strong majority of voters who clearly support these issues.”

Fair Shot for All includes Family Forward Oregon, SEIU, the Urban League of Portland, Oregon AFL-CIO, Center for Intercultural Organizing, Oregon Education Association, CAUSA, Basic Rights Oregon, PCUN, UFCW, Rural Organizing Project, AFSCME, Planned Parenthood Advocates of Oregon, Asian Pacific American Network of Oregon, Oregon Action, and an ever-growing coalition from across Oregon.

To learn more, visit www.fairshotoregon.org

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2015 UFCW International Scholarship Information

The 2015 UFCW International Scholarship is online and taking applicants. Click below to get started. The 2015 NW Hope Foundation Scholarship information will be posted soon as well.


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Community Solidarity Request from Southern Oregon Jobs with Justice — It was just learned that Ismael was fired late Monday night Jan. 26.

Walmart: Put Ismael back to work
To: Kelly Cooper
Klamath Falls Store Manager

Ismael Nunez, an 11 year associate has been standing up and speaking out for better working conditions at Walmart.   He is a leader in the movement for $15 & full time at Walmart.

In retaliation of Ismael speaking out, Walmart suspended Ismael without pay.  What’s more they called the police on him to have him escorted from the store!

Tell Walmart to put an end to the silencing of workers when they speak out.   Reinstate Ismael today!

Call Ismael’s store manager Kelly Cooper at 541-885-6890 and tell her to put Ismael back to work today!

Full story here–Join Southern Oregon Jobs with Justice and call Kelly Cooper

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Local 555 Accepting Resumes for Membership Coordinator

UFCW Local 555 is currently accepting resumes to create a hiring list for people to hire into the job classification of Membership Coordinator.  This hiring list will be maintained for a period of six months after the completion of the application process.

This entry-level position is primarily responsible for auditing represented worksites, signing up new members to join the union, recruiting members to participate in the Active Ballot Club, and conducting new member and quarterly membership meetings.

Resumes are being accepted for potential positions based out of offices throughout Local 555’s jurisdiction.  Local 555’s headquarter office is in Tigard, OR, with satellite offices in Longview, WA, Vancouver, WA, Salem, OR, Eugene, OR, Bend, OR, Roseburg, OR, Coos Bay, OR, Central Point, OR, and Klamath Falls, OR.

Hired employees must maintain a valid driver’s license, automobile insurance, an operational and reliable automobile, and required auto insurance coverage.  Employees must have the ability to regularly work anywhere in Local 555’s jurisdiction, during any hour of the day, any day of the week.

Qualified applicants will have the ability to communicate well, both orally and in writing; have sound organization skills; knowledge of, or ability to acquire, computer/electronic skills. Bilingual and Spanish speaking skills desired.  Current members of Local 555 are encouraged to apply.

For a complete job description, including responsibilities, job requirements, and qualifications, please contact Sandy Humphrey at 503-598-6354 or at shumphrey@ufcw555.org.

Please send resumes to:

Mike Marshall
c/o Sandy Humphrey
PO Box 23555
Tigard, OR 97281-3555

Resumes will be accepted through February 20, 2015

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