Executive Board


The UFCW Local 555 Executive Board is made up of twenty (20) members working throughout our jurisdiction of Oregon and Southwest Washington. The Executive Board consists of the Union President, Secretary-Treasurer, Recorder and 17 Vice Presidents.

The Executive Board is a democratically elected body that run the Local Union by establishing and monitoring the broad membership goals and objectives. The Executive Board has full and complete charge of all business of the Local Union not otherwise delegated to a specific officer(s) or reserved to the membership.

Board Members

Dan Clay
Jeff Anderson
Secretary Treasurer
Lisa Loucks
Recording Secretary / Grievance Director

Vice Presidents

Frank Hendrickson
Bend Safeway
Kevin Billman
Local 555
Sue Perry
Bay Area Hospital
Lisa Anderson
Glisan Fred Meyer
Elisa Gonzales
Local 555 Union Representative
Brandon Sweaney
Forest Grove Safeway
Anna Bjorkquist
Coos Bay Fred Meyer
Charlotte Hardin
Roseburg Fred Meyer
Glen Esperson
Kelso Safeway
Allen Cronin
Santa Clara Fred Meyer
Judy Caire
Aloha Safeway
Alice Grassl
Silverton Safeway
Melody Gramley
East Salem Fred Meyer
Jim Sinclair
The Dalles Fred Meyer
Stacey Anderson
Sunnyside Medical Center Kaiser
Bruce York
Thurston Albertsons

Board Positions and Duties


  • Chief Executive Officer.
  • Interprets Local Union By-laws.
  • Presides over all meetings.
  • Delegate to all conventions and meetings.
  • Trustee of all benefit trusts.
  • Appoints all committees.
  • Disburses union funds with approval of Executive Board.
  • Oversees investments.
  • Hires union staff and professionals.
  • Sets compensation and expenses for staff (subject to Executive Board approval).
  • Responsible for accurate membership records.
  • Prepares and distributes financial reports.


  • Assists Union President with duties.
  • Delegate to all conventions and meetings.
  • Member of all committees.


  • Takes and reports the minutes of the Executive Board meetings.
  • Reviews and reports the proceedings of membership meetings.

Executive Board

  • Full charge of all local union business not otherwise delegated to specific officers or to the membership.
  • Sets salaries and expenses of local union officers.
  • Sets dues, fees and special credits, subject to membership approval.
  • Rules on appeals of the President’s interpretations of Local Union By-laws.
  • Authorizes or ratifies disbursements made by the President.

Board of Trustees

  • Consists of the President, Secretary-Treasurer and a Trustee (a Vice President selected by the Executive Board).
  • Ensures that Local 555 finances are managed in accordance with the UFCW Constitution and By-laws, and in accordance with standard accounting practices, and for the sole use and benefits of Local 555.
  • Two of the three Trustees are required to sign all checks.
  • Makes a quarterly financial statement to the UFCW International and Local 555.
  • Files with the UFCW International copies of audits required by the Constitution and reports required by the government.
  • Employs a certified public accountant to help oversee finances and to perform annual audit.
  • Ensures that Local 555 officers and staff are bonded as directed by the UFCW International and its Constitution.

Board Committees

These are the committees that members of the Executive Board serve on.

Standing Committees

Board of Trustees – Reviews and approves monthly Trustee’s Reports and check requests.

Finance – Reviews monthly statements for Union Credit Card Accounts and checks registers and approve expenses paid.

Internal Affairs – Reviews operational matters, personnel complaints, and membership services.

Active Ballot Club (ABC) – Interviews and endorses candidates and raises political money.

Membership & Youth Activities – Organizes, promotes and conducts various member events.

Membership Growth Committee – Encourages growth to increase market share.

Special Committees

Audit – Reviews the annual audit.

Board Vacancy – Recommends members to fill board vacancies within 90 days.

Officers Compensation – Recommends compensation levels to Board.

By-Laws – Reviews By-Laws for consistency with UFCW International Constitution, and recommends changes.

Golf Tournament – Promotes the annual golf tournament.

Portland Area Labor Day Picnic – Organizes the Labor Day Picnic.

Scholarship – Promotes and awards the scholarship program.