Fair Work Week has passed the Oregon Senate!

Wonderful news, dear fellow Local 555 members! In today’s 11 am session of the Oregon Senate, Bill 828 B (the Fair Work Week bill) was passed with impressively strong bipartisan support. Final vote: 23-6 in favor. Next step: the Oregon House vote! This is a truly historic moment: the first of the final steps towards […]

Farr’s True Value: Union Since 1954

Farr’s True Value Hardware (with locations in Coquille and Coos Bay, Oregon) has been a proud union member for nearly 63 years—longer than any company in the state. Farr’s storied history began in 1916 in Coquille as a transfer and warehousing company between the Coquille River docks and Southern Pacific Railways which had just come […]

Joining the IFEBP

I am honored to have recently been named to the board of the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans (IFEBP). The IFEBP is a leading trustee educational organization that works with trustees from all over the US and Canada…in their own words, “a leading objective source of relevant employee benefit education and information.” We haven’t […]