Executive Department

Local 555, representing over 18,000 members, employs nearly 40 people working out of its eight offices in Oregon and Southwestern Washington.  The Local 555 Executive Staff, led by President Dan Clay, are responsible for the supervision and operation of the Union.

Communications Department

The communications department is responsible for I.T. and the printing of flyers and mailings to the membership.

Grievance Department

When a grievance or dispute concerning the application or interpretation of the collective bargaining agreement occurs a written grievance must be presented by the Grievance Department to the employer within the time requirements outlined in the particular contract.  The Grievance Department is responsible for processing grievances.

Legislative & Community Actions Department

The Legislative & Community Action Department is the government relations arm of the Local. This department seeks to improve working families’ lives through better government. Additionally, all Wal-Mart activities of UFCW are coordinated by this department.

Membership Records Department

Contact the Membership Records Department with your new hire information, or to change your address or telephone number, marital status, beneficiary information, or to request a withdrawal card.  You can also check on the status of your dues, get information on how to authorize payment of dues through payroll deduction, or make a payment with a major credit card.

Organizing Department

Helping to bring the power of a Union Contract to the workers of Oregon and Southwest Washington, the Organizing Department helps non-union workers within our jurisdiction bring the protection and benefits of a Union Contract to their workplace.

Union Representatives

Union Representatives are responsible for enforcing all collective bargaining agreements, commonly called union contracts, covered by Local 555.  They work with the membership to improve wages, benefits and working conditions.  Each job location is assigned a staff member who is responsible for that location.  Additionally, we have a representative who is assigned to our Tigard office during business hours to answer questions and assist you with issues in your workplace over the phone.