Organizing Department

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Why have a union? 

Unions are working people standing together to have a say in the decisions that affect us at work. With a union we can win a contract that guarantees our rights and improves our working conditions. With a union we can demand better compensation and a safer work environment. With a union we empower ourselves to gain the respect we deserve.

Are there protections for workers who support a union?

While organizing our union, we have specific legal rights and protections under the National Labor Relations Act. It is illegal for management to threaten, harass, or discriminate against anyone because of union activity. Management can’t even legally question us about whether we support the union.

Is there an initiation fee? What about dues?

There is no initiation fee for newly-organized members. We will not pay dues until we vote to approve a fair contract that we’ve negotiated with our employer. In virtually all cases, the better pay and benefits union workers earn amount to much more than the dues. Our dues go to ensure we can build and maintain a strong organization that has the power to improve the lives of working families in Oregon and SW Washington.

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