Active Ballot Club

How does it work?

ABC is an automatic deduction plan, much like monthly dues or a retirement account. Each month, a set contribution will be debited automatically from your account.

This is a vital sustaining fund for the ABC as your contributions are the bricks and mortar for a strong voice for working families and ongoing electoral success.

Why an Automatic Deduction?

Some of us want to help, but can’t afford to write that big check. However, most of us can afford $5, $10 (or more) each month. The ABC depends on faithful donors like you and provides a strong foundation for supporting the pro-worker agenda.

Can I get a Tax Credit for my Contribution?

Oregon residents may qualify for the Oregon Political Tax Credit of $50 per person or $100 per couple.

Washington residents currently do not receive a Tax Credit unless they work in Oregon and file non-resident taxes.

The purpose of the Active Ballot Club shall be to enroll citizens to work for good government and democratic processes; to assist in matters pertaining to the welfare, advancement and attainment of the highest order of citizenship; to safeguard the right of representation through labor unions; to work for the enactment of progressive labor and social legislation; to combat enactment of regressive labor and social legislation; and restrictive, unfair labor legislation designed to weaken labor unions. The UFCW 555 Active Ballot Club is Non-Partisan!

To join the ABC, please contact your Union Representative. Click here to find your Rep!