Oregon House passes Fair Work Week!

The great news continues! This morning the Oregon House passed SB 828 (the Fair Work Week bill) with fantastic support from both sides of the aisle. Final vote: 46-13 in favor.

What happens next? We await Governor Kate Brown’s signature.

How did the Oregon Legislature pave the way to be the first in the nation to enact a state law requiring fair scheduling for workers? It comes down to crossing partisan bridges. Oregon has proven that even in today’s emotionally charged political climate, it’s possible to find ways to compromise that can result in real change for working families.

Local 555 members, particularly those of you who support the Active Ballot Club: YOU made this happen. Thank you, thank you, on behalf of thousands upon thousands of Oregon workers who will see their lives change for the better at the implementation of this bill.

Without your support for ABC, none of us would have first day sick pay or minimum wage legislation, and those both naturally led to this bill providing predictive scheduling protections. Together we can do so much, and today we proved that yet again.

We’ll keep you informed as we wait for the Governor to put her pen to paper.