Fight the Trans-Pacific Partnership!

The TPP rolls back consumer, environmental, and labor regulations that protect every worker and every family. It’s time for our elected representatives to do what’s right for working class Americans and our economy. Tell your Member of Congress to oppose the fast-tracking of the TPP by clicking the link below:

Anti-Worker Resolutions in Clark County

Last night, the Clark County Commission held open public testimony for county issues, including two anti-worker resolutions aimed at gutting the strength of Clark County’s public sector unions, public employee’s contracts, and making bargaining future contracts much more difficult.  Secretary-Treasurer Jeff Anderson testified at the hearing, saying how disappointed he was that this was even […]

Clark County Workers are under attack!

Washington State passed a law called “Home Rule” that gives communities the right to pass local laws on an expanded variety of subjects. Unfortunately, Clark County politicians are using this opportunity to pass laws that weaken public sector unions. On April 7, 2015, the Clark County Commission will take up two anti-worker resolutions aimed at […]