Support Your Local Grocery Workers

Come and show your support for your local grocery clerks, meat department workers, and courtesy clerks.  A few of weeks ago, they were at the bargaining table with their employers and were handed the worst healthcare offer they have ever received.

On October 19th, we will be having a solidarity shop at stores throughout Oregon and Southwestern Washington to show support for these workers! Come to a store and shop as you normally would, and while there be sure to tell your local grocery workers and their managers that you support the workers in their fight for a fair contract with affordable healthcare.

Your local grocery and meat workers deserve a fair wage structure, a secure retirement plan, and affordable healthcare. Come out on October 19th and show your support!

Download the Solidarity Shop Flier for locations and times.

2013 Northwest Hope Foundation Scholarships

The Northwest Hope Foundation is pleased to announce that this year there will be
up to thirteen (13) Scholarship Awards of up to $2,000.00 each. These awards
must be used at an accredited college or university, technical or vocational school,
or junior or community college for any courses of study. The Scholarship Award is
to help pay for tuition, fees, books, educational expenses, and educational
materials for the academic year 2013-2014.

For more information click here to download the application, or you may contact the Northwest Hope Foundaton at 1-800-452-8329 ext. 6354 or send
questions to

Update on Employers Proposal to Reduce Healthcare Benefits

The employers are trying to gut the healthcare benefits that protect you and your families, just to keep even MORE of the money you bring in for your employer.

The employers want to:

  • Increase the minimum waiting time to receive full health care coverage from 43 months to a minimum of 78 months
  • Increase annual deductibles by up to 300%
  • Reduce after deductible coverage to as low as 60%
  • Double the annual maximum out of pocket costs for some members
Go to our Facebook page and share what you think of the employers’ proposal or how it would impact you.

Click here to download the current bargaining update flyer.

Unity Bargaining Update – 08/31/12

On August 28 & 29 the Health & Welfare Subcommittee of the Unity Bargaining team met with the employers to have further discussions on merging the Union’s two different health & welfare trust plans, the Portland Area Employers Health Trust (PAC) and the Joint Labor Management Retail Trust (JLMRT).

The Union Subcommittee had previously suggested a plan that would restore benefits for those currently under the JLMRT plan to the PAC level of benefits with some increased benefits in plan design and increased contributions from the employers.  The employers countered on August 28th with a proposal that would significantly alter and reduce what you currently receive for health & welfare benefits.

This suggestion for a merged plan comes on the heels of the employer’s draconian proposals made in bargaining three weeks earlier to eliminate the 5 day work week.  Not only do the employers want to be able to work you up to 7 days per week, scheduling you as little as 28 hours in the entire week and giving you no days off, they now want to reduce the health & welfare benefits that you and your family depend upon.  More information will be provided on the impact to you of the employers proposal after it has been further evaluated.

Additional dates have been scheduled the health & welfare subcommittee to meet with the employers on October 8th & 9th where discussions will continue for your new contract.

Unity Bargaining Update

Your Retail Unity Bargaining Team met with Employer Representatives from Safeway, Albertsons & Fred Meyer to bargain your next contract. Your coworkers on the bargaining team clearly showed their dedication at the table, and they remain steadfast in their commitment to affordable healthcare, a reasonable wage structure and first day sick pay.

Unfortunately the Employer Representatives proposed take-aways for current employees and future employees, that would take money out of your pocket and put more in theirs. The committee picked up several themes from the Employer proposals:

  • The Employers want to pay new people less than you, which may put a target on your back.
  • The Employers want you to work more than five days without them paying you time-and-a-half, which means less days off with no guarantees of more total hours.  Imagine working 28 hours per week but not getting even one day off or getting paid any overtime.
  • The Employers want you to have to work on Christmas whether you want to or not. We don’t like the idea that you can be required to be away from your family on Christmas.

Your Unity Bargaining Committee says “No Way!!!”