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Longview Fred Meyer – 185 Garden Center employees pictured, Keri Haynes, Michaela Lynds, and Mackenzie Gates, are happy that they have UFCW 555 Representative, Lynda Hart and Steward, Mary Newcomb enforcing the Outdoor Heat Exposure Rule WAC 296-62-095 through 296-62-09560 and WAC 296-307-097 through 296-307-09760.

Employees working in the Garden Center, Apparel Sidewalk Sale, and Courtesy Clerks taking groceries out to cars and bringing in carts are workers having exposure to outdoor heat and are at risk for Heat-Related Illness, (HRI). HRI includes heat fatigue, heat rash, fainting, heat cramps, heat exhaustion, and heat stroke. Excessive heat exposures are also linked to injuries from falls, equipment operation accidents and other on-the-job incidents due to fatigue, dizziness and disorientation. Outdoor heat exposure could result in HRI which can cause death or serious physical harm.

Between the dates of May 1st and September 30th, each year, with temperatures reaching 89, or more, the employer must provide, cool, CLEAN, drinking water and the opportunity and access to drink one quart of drinking water per hour. The quantity of drinking water required for an entire shift is not required to all be provided at the beginning of the shift. However, the employer must have sufficient procedures in place to replenish the water supply throughout the day, as needed, or they could be fined.

Employees wearing layers of protective clothing, with temperatures reaching 77, this rule would go into effect for them.