Read your contract!

This is Deborah Peralta, checker at Hazel Dell Fred Meyer Store #140. As she tells it, “I’ve been a union member since 2007 and have never fully read my contract, only parts of it! I’m not alone. More than half of my coworkers claim to have never taken the time to read it either. That’s one of the reasons why I chose to take the steward development classes when Ron, my union rep, suggested I consider becoming a steward. The second reason is that I believe there should be someone in my store that my co-workers can talk to concerning Union issues because Ron can’t always be there, and this is a good way to educate myself and in turn others about the union’s role and our contract. I naturally aim to be honest, present, and nice. I hope my peers trust me enough to take on the responsibility of being their shop steward.”

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