Unity Bargaining Update

Your Retail Unity Bargaining Team met with Employer Representatives from Safeway, Albertsons & Fred Meyer to bargain your next contract. Your coworkers on the bargaining team clearly showed their dedication at the table, and they remain steadfast in their commitment to affordable healthcare, a reasonable wage structure and first day sick pay.

Unfortunately the Employer Representatives proposed take-aways for current employees and future employees, that would take money out of your pocket and put more in theirs. The committee picked up several themes from the Employer proposals:

  • The Employers want to pay new people less than you, which may put a target on your back.
  • The Employers want you to work more than five days without them paying you time-and-a-half, which means less days off with no guarantees of more total hours.  Imagine working 28 hours per week but not getting even one day off or getting paid any overtime.
  • The Employers want you to have to work on Christmas whether you want to or not. We don’t like the idea that you can be required to be away from your family on Christmas.

Your Unity Bargaining Committee says “No Way!!!”